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Dé specialist in transport en logistiek

Vacature Logistics Employee Airport Schiphol

  • Dienstverband: Vast
  • Start: per direct
  • Salaris: The salary is good. Working overtime is possible. This raises your salary
  • Locatie: Schiphol

Gezocht met spoed!

Logistics Employee Airport Schiphol

Are you interested in working in a warehouse? For several companies in the Schiphol area we are looking for logistics employees. These are jobs for a short time and for a long time. Fulltime jobs and part-time job can be obtained. You have to inform us how you want to work.  There are chances in getting a contract from our companies when you have worked your hours as a temp worker. The salary is good. Working overtime is possible. This raises your salary. 

Logistics Employee Airport Schiphol be welcome!


Jobdescription logistics employee
• Receiving the goods.
• Packing and picking goods.
• Controlling the goods for quality and quantity.
• Scanning of products;
• Working with the computer and documents.
• Shipping the goods.
• Working with internal transportation such as forklift, reachtruck or EPT.

Apply for a job!?
Are you interested in working as a logistics employee? Then we are looking forward in receiving your resume. You can e-mail your resume to
If you want more information then you can call us at 020-4059111.

WerkCentrale Nederland
WerkCentrale Nederland is a job agency specialized in logistics and transportation jobs. We also can provide you with additional courses such as forlift driver, reachtruck driver, truck driver, etc.

When you want to work as a logistics employee we are the right agency for you.
Please contact us and find out how fast we can help you in finding a job!


  • Accuracy en responsible.
  • Can calculate numbers (subtract, add, divide and multiply)
  • Can work day shifts and/or evening shifts.
  • Experienced in warehousing and orderpicking.
  • Have a well-kept appearance.
  • You can get a declaration of good conduct (VOG).
  • No problem with physical work.
  • Some flexibility is appreciated.

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WerkCentrale Nederland DE logistieke specialist op basis van luchtvracht (air), zeevracht (sea), wegtransport (road).
Bij: expediteurs, afhandelaars, opslagbedrijven, overslagbedrijven, transportbedrijven, rederijen, GSA, Brokers
Waaronder: Import, Export, Customer Service, Gateway, Breakbulk, Declarant, AOG, Sales, Warehouse, Magazijn, Productie, Heftruck, Reachtruck, Chauffeur, Bijrijder, Verhuismedewerker, Supervisor, Managers, Platenbouwers (ULD), Cargo Office, FCL, LCL, Cargadoor, Stuwadoor, Waterclerk.

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